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Tier One and WomboXcombo Celebrate the Launch of Their New Channel, WXC+

February 28, 2018

Manila, Philippines February 28, 2018 — WomboXcombo has come a long way since signing with Tier One. WXC experienced a meteoric rise in popularity in one year, underscored by huge Twitch viewer numbers, an expansion to 24/7 coverage, and a successful TV broadcast on ABS-CBN.

Under our guidance, WXC had become the Dota 2 channel that pinoy Dota fans wanted to watch.

But, as it has always been with WXC, the question remained: what more could they offer the community? Oftentimes, fans of WXC clamored on Twitch chat for more types of content—more WomboXcombo.

And as much as the face and founder of WXC, Nico “KuyaNic” Nazario, wanted to oblige the fans, the hectic schedule of the channel did not allow him to. But that’s when Paolo Bago stepped in.

Pao saw this as a golden opportunity to reward the WXC community with the additional content they wanted. He himself had been pushing for the same thing ever since he joined WXC in late 2016. But the existing channel’s heavy load was still a problem.

That’s why Kuyanic and Pao decided it was time for something different.

A Brand New Channel

And so WXC+ was made. A platform free from the duties of covering Dota round the clock, WXC+ could now focus on new ways to bring Dota content in front of fans.

Now, as the launch of WXC+ is right around the corner, let’s take a closer look at what you can expect.

WXC+ represents an expansion of what Tier One started when we welcomed WomboXcombo into our fold. Now we want to go beyond hiring and training shoutcasters, and working on broadcast quality.

WXC+ will have the same gaming spirit that made WomboXcombo the biggest pinoy Dota 2 channel on Twitch. It will feature the same signature Wombo flavor and apply it to more types of games, in all kinds of new and exciting segments.

The new channel will initially launch with four shows. Two of which are revamped concepts that started on WomboXcombo, while the other two are brand new takes on delivering relevant content that esports fans all over will want to tune into.

These shows are:

MU, or Matinong Usapan, is a revitalized WomboXcombo show that will now run from Monday to Friday on WXC+. It is a daily podcast show hosted by WXC talents Paolo “Muerte” Bago and Jaz “HeneralTuna” Comoda. Topics will range from daily Dota 2 news to intelligent discussions on key topics in the Dota world.

A major highlight of the show, aside from its slick radio talk show feel, will be audience integration. Twitch chat users can chime in on the discussion and ask the show hosts questions. This will allow for a wide range of viewpoints and angles to be discussed, as well as allow the topics to cross over into other video games from time to time.

When it comes to hard hitting talk on your favorite games, MU is the show for you.

RoshPit was a signature segment on WomboXcombo, and it’s being expanded for its new home on WXC+. The show will feature once a week as a late night night talk show style extravaganza hosted by Paolo, Nico “KuyaNic” Nazario, and Michael Angelo “Alo” Zomil.

The trio will engage in high production, high energy segments in the style of Sportscenter or The Starters. From weekly recaps to minigames and satire—the show will be fearless in introducing fresh ways of tackling your typical esports topics.

To put it simply, RoshPit aims to be every fan’s ultimate weekly dose of Dota fun.

Film Room
The second daily show on the channel will integrate a guest along with a regular host, breaking down tournament gameplay. Film Room’s guests will range from Tier One talents to pro players and other personalities in the local esports industry.

The goal of the show is to give insider insight—a sort of director’s cut commentary—to the games crowds cheer for on stage. Currently, show will begin as a Dota-focused program initially hosted by Pao.

In the future, there are plans to air episodes catering to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the future. These episodes will be hosted by CS:GO shoutcaster Jayce “SirJaeger” Stewart.

The Duel
Running on Mondays and Thursdays, The Duel is a Dota 2 debate show hosted by KuyaNic. Hot topics in the realm of Dota esports such as match predictions and roster shuffles will be thrown to two experts: WomboXcombo’s own Pao, and Ren Vitug.

Ren is a former esports journalist who has worked for the reputable gaming site, Gosugamers. His veteran expertise is an excellent counterbalance to Pao’s own well of knowledge, and between the two of them, any topic can be dissected to the utmost degree.

It’s a head to head battle of the brains, and no matter who comes out on top, it’s Dota 2 fans who walk away the winners.

We are confident that with these shows, WXC+ can get off to a successful start, and pave the way for even more types of content to be added to WomboXcombo’s catalog in the future.

Look forward to more exciting concepts as we test the waters for additional talents to be featured on the channel, for let’s plays, and more. In the meantime, enjoy these four shows as WXC+ launches today!

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