Whether you’re looking to be the next big influencer, streaming sensation, shoutcaster, or whether you simply want to work in esports – find your career with us.

Join our growing Tier One family of over 200 talents 60 employees as you forge your own path in the esports and gaming industry.

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Multiple origins; one goal. 

No matter the dream or the discipline, we all came together in order to rise to the top.

What started as a handful of talents and back end personnel in 2017 has now become a full on community of influencers, streamers, shoutcasters, and content creators with multiple content and marketing teams to support them.

 Joining Tier One Entertainment is more than just signing with an agency. You’ll also be finding a new family.


The Tier One Talent

These individuals are the embodiment of our mantra
of being #TrulyTopTier.

They have risen to the very top, and found success time and time again
through hard work, creativity, and an unending dedication to their craft.

They are the best of the best and are the faces of who we are as an agency.

Professional team

Our official esports label has one goal: to Break The Code.

That includes redefining what it means to be in the Philippine esports scne, earning the competitive edge, and becoming top tier contenders, no matter the game.

#BreakTheCode with us.

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Work with us

It’s not always about what you see on screen.

A lot of the time, it’s what you don’t see that will amaze you. This is the ethos of our back end teams, as they work tirelessly to ensure that our talents look their best from every perceivable angle.

If you want to work behind the scenes to ensure the success of all our current and future talents – then work with us.