Tier One Entertainment


Asia's premier esports and entertainment company

What is Tier One?

We are the undisputed gaming and esports entertainment leader in South East Asia.

Well-embedded in the content distribution and gaming world, we’ve built our success by developing a robust business model and making ourselves the top tier destination for new and established gaming talents.

We are an Asian Behemoth in the making with backing from established entities around the globe.

Who are the minds behind Tier One?

Tier One is led by enterprising gamers who have a clear vision of where the industry is headed and the company’s place in it.

They are pioneers, forward thinkers and titans in their respective fields.

[t1_founder id=1010 quote="10 Years of experience in esports and gaming" title="Founder / CEO" instagram="https://www.instagram.com/trykegutierrez/" facebook="https://www.facebook.com/TrykeGutierrez" twitter="https://twitter.com/trykegutierrez"]
[t1_founder id=1011 quote="10 Years of experience as an influencer, 7 million followers on facebook" title="Founder / CCO" instagram="https://www.instagram.com/alodia" facebook="https://www.facebook.com/AlodiaGosiengfiao" twitter="https://twitter.com/AlodiaAlmira"]
[t1_founder id=550 quote="20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Entrepreneur of the Year awardee" title="Managing Director"]

The Game Plan


1. Sign

We sign talents with the potential to become #TrulyTopTier


2. Develop

Priming our talents with the knowledge to dominate the gaming and esports scene


3. Support

Providing them with a platform and distribution network to showcase their skills


4. Unleash

We unleash them to the world of gaming by connecting them with brands and new audiences

We are a venture funded company with investors from all around the world

Working side-by-side with entrepreneurs to build companies around innovative science.

Supporting visionaries in gaming, esports and interactive media