One Academy

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Your Esports career starts here

School of Talents

For the hopeful streamers, shoutcasters, and aspiring pro players who are willing to showcase talent with equal parts grind and dedication. Learn from established esports veterans and gaming celebrities as they guide you with their wealth of experience and give you the tools to begin your own path towards becoming an influencer.

School of Aesthetics

Here, the skills of promising young Videographers, Video Editors, Photographers, Graphic Artists, as well as other Multimedia Arts majors will be honed. Those that have an eye for detail and a creative mind, who are looking for new ways to bring esports content to fans everywhere will be right at home here.

School of Production

This school features carefully curated expert-level classes geared towards Writers, Observers, Sound Specialists, Researchers, and Associate Producers in the making. When it comes to hands-on experience and the nitty gritty of conceptualizing, setting up, and broadcasting esports shows, this is the only learning experience you’ll need.