Manila, Philippines July 13, 2018 — When Alodia Gosiengfiao and Tryke Gutierrez founded Tier One Entertainment, it was with the interests of gamers and esports fans at heart. In their eyes, Tier One was a way to both give back to a community that deserved more, and to create opportunities never seen before in the local esports and gaming industry.

They started by collecting a cadre of esports talents and professionals to lay a solid bedrock for the talent agency they wanted to build, coupled with the latest in gaming, streaming, and filming hardware on the market.

However, we live in an age where technology advances seemingly overnight, and what’s new could easily become outdated in a few months. This is especially true when talking about video games and esports, with developers and streamers looking for bigger and better ways to entertain their audiences.

Alodia and Tryke knew that if Tier One was to remain true to its name, it had to stay up-to-date with all the trends in the industry. More than that, to be truly top tier would mean that their company needed to stay ahead of the curve.

That’s why they made it their personal mission to lead the company culture of adaptation, evolution, and innovation.

Alodia took it upon herself to attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 in Los Angeles, California. Tryke on the other hand made his way to Computex in Taipei.

E3 and Computex are two of the biggest events for video gaming and technology showcases, respectively. Each year, people all over the world look to these events to see what’s just over the horizon for their favorite console or their PC building hobby.

With Alodia in the west and Tryke in the east, the Tier One executives made sure that they were on the ground, witnessing firsthand the new wave of trends that would shape the industry and their business over the next year. Of course, making a few connections on top of that didn’t hurt either.

As they rendezvoused back in the Philippines, the pair excitedly shared all they had learned to the Tier One team in preparation for all the upcoming projects that were lined up.

Alodia and Tryke hope that their ideals of innovation carry on throughout the entire company as it continues to expand, and that Tier One continues to be a shining beacon for the Philippine esports industry as a team of individuals that is always squarely ahead of the game.

Now, the focus shifts to what is just over the horizon. Tier One’s executives have made sure to future proof the company for its next round of expansions. But what will expansion look like?

For a company that has grown so much in its first year, where could Tier One’s ambitions take them? After conquering local esports broadcasts, gathering an elite roster of talents, and launching successful Twitch channels, what’s next?

Whatever it is, you can bet that when it comes to Tier One, the sky’s the limit, and there are big things to come.

About Tier One Entertainment
Tier One Entertainment was founded by Tryke Gutierrez and cosplay and gaming star Alodia Gosiengfiao. Together, they sought to revolutionize the esports landscape in Southeast Asia.

By focusing on the development of truly talented, top-caliber personalities, Tier One’s mission is to connect brands with the unique gaming audience like never before.

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