Established in 2019, Blacklist International is the esports label of Tier One Entertainment. Built with the goal of being a top-caliber organization, its esports athletes have competed in highly acclaimed competitions like the PMCO, WESG, Tekken World Tour, and the MPL. With teams currently competing in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and PUBG Mobile scene in the Philippines today,

Coming in to 2021, as the MLBB team prepares for the MPL and the PUBGM team gets ready for the PMCO, Tier One and Blacklist aim to dominate the esports scene with the patented #TrulyTopTier mindset. Excellence from top to bottom.

New roster. New season. Same old goal; to achieve the pinnacle of the MPL. That’s the dream this year for OhMyV33nus, Eson, Wise, Oheb, DEX STAR, Edward, and BON CHAN.

Teamwork and cooperation. These are the values that OhMyV33nus wishes to lead Blacklist International with as The Queen takes the mantle of team captain.
Eson brings the veteran experience and winning formula to Blacklist International. One championship title under his belt isn’t enough. He wants to do it again— this time as part of the Starting 5.
Wise was honored by the MPL when he was named one of the top junglers in the league according to official stats. Now he’s determined to live up to the hype, and to keep performing at a high caliber level so the numbers don’t lie.
Blacklist’s reputation for striking a balance between experienced veterans and talented rookies lives on with Oheb, and he’s ready to prove himself worthy on the big stage.
With a background in Applied Math and Actuarial Science, DEX STAR is the perfect Analyst for Blacklist International. A statistical and data-driven approach to the game is what sets them apart, and a major key to #BreakTheCode.
Edward embodies hard work and dedication. He may be frank at times but that’s because of his love and passion for the game. This devotion shows in his game, where he does whatever it takes to win until the very last second.
Unafraid to use unorthodox picks and strategies, paired with each team member’s individual skillset, Coach Bon Chan and the rest of Blacklist International are always ready to #BreakTheCode.

As Blacklist International prepares for the MPL, the world should prepare for the dawn of the V33Wise era.

Be sure to watch the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Season 7 feature our Blacklist International team and show your support.

From their early days in Pure Skill to the Blacklist International squad you see today, this team has consistently been in the PUBGM scene radar, and for good reason. Constantly placing in top spots in tournaments, they definitely embody the Truly Top Tier spirit as they keep on grinding and improving, even with their natural talents and skillset.

With ALAS at the helm, the Blacklist PUBGM squad is well-equipped to #BreakTheCode coming in to the PMCO.
Tactical. Trusworthy. Team-oriented. Kler’s got all the good qualities you could ever want in a squadmate and more.
Whether it’s his target in-game or a grander goal in the bigger scheme of things, Aeonz is always locked in, focused and ready to pull the trigger.
While he may not be an android, Tyra definitely has the capability to go superhuman at times, with his insane performances in-game.

As they enter tournaments like the PMCO, the Blacklist International PUBGM team are ready to face any and all challenges that come their way. Watch out for Alas, Aeonz, Kler, and Tyra. They’re here and they’re ready.

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